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Some Guy Named Paul
15 May
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I am an actor/musician/writer/cartoonist who lives in Seattle.

I also do things with computers for money.

Although my journal is open to the public, I don't post anonymous comments. If you don't have an LJ account and you make a comment, identify yourself in the subject line or your request for approval will probably just hang out in my inbox until it gets deleted.
12 monkeys, 23, acting, aeon flux, alan cumming, alice in wonderland, amélie, animation, archie mcphee, baths, being silly, bjork, books, bread, breathing, cartooning, cartoons, circulatory system, city of lost children, clavicals, clavicles, comedy, comics, cookies, costumes, cowboy bebop, crispin hellion glover, david lynch, delicatessen, digital video, dorks, dr. seuss, dreaming, dreams, drum machines, ears, eating, elephants, engrish, eyes, fairy tales, falling, feet, film, filmmaking, fingers, firefly, francais, french, fringe theatre, geeks, giraffes, goldfish crackers, grant morrison, hair, hands, hugging, humor, improv, imps, independent films, inside jokes, invader zim, invisibles, j.g. ballard, jumping, jumpsuits, kissing, llamas, loops, lucid dreaming, matcha, mc solaar, melt banana, moebius, monkey socks, monkeys, movies, mr. show, mst3k, muppets, natacha merritt, nervous system, orange, oz, pants, patricia holm, pez, philip k. dick, pillows, pirates, pixies, pj harvey, plastics, portishead, pylocatabasis, radiohead, robert anton wilson, robots, run lola run, sandwiches, schizophrenia, sci-fi, seattle, shel silverstein, shoes, singing, sleep, sleeping, slo mo rabbit kick, smarts, snow crash, sock monkeys, socks, soul coughing, soy, spleen, stereolab, sugar, summersaults, super rocket monkey, superheroes, supervillians, tai-chi, tang, tank girl, teeth, terry gilliam, the internet, the onion, the prisoner, theatre, throwing things, thumbs, tim burton, time travel, toe socks, tom waits, trains, trees, tv, twin peaks, value village, vitamins, vocorders, walking, water, watermelon, wit, writing

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